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cryptocurrencyanalyst.com usually performs on the blog with the key objective for sharing valuable, informative and interesting content with the people. Apart from the latest industry players it will serve its purpose to the new entrants of various industries as well.

Here, we gladly invite potential, experienced, prospective and passionate writers with varied ideas or visions to share their experiences or collected information. Rather, they will throw an open challenge to the interested readers for its acceptance to take the industry forward.

After the submission of the article, our expert editors will have a glance through it for plagiarism check and proof read. Accordingly a detailed feedback will be sent to the writer for the same.    

Our site is a reliable platform to write on the following topics:

  1. ICO Marketing or Blockchain: Tips, trends, new ideas and much more

Points to remember prior to your submission

  1. Shared content must be exclusively for our site only
  2. Coherent graph, screenshot and image attached (700*320) or pasted with the content will be given separate appreciation
  3. For the seamless processing content must be shared in Google doc or in docs format
  4. Unique content and ideas will be seen as high priority more than a content file can be shared for eliminating the chance of duplicity
  5. Maximum 2 working days can be consumed for the processing and publishing of the content on the site
  6. To receive more eyeballs and huge traffic content should be unique, comprehensive, free from grammatical errors and apt to the logic or topic (given)
  7. Rich content should be above 800+ words. Avoid making use of consecutive words or unnecessary words for increasing the word count to get it published
  8. Content needs to be intriguing, informative and well-formatted. It should possess quality and authenticity according to the industrial standards
  9. Unessential jargons should be avoided completely
  10.  Editors have the right for editing content and links and remove irrelevant words and sentences as well
  11.  We will ensure the long tenure of content on ours site only if your content is informative and has quality

If you aren’t receiving any feedback from our end then it may because of;

  • Incomplete application sent by you
  • The article submitted is not adhered to our strict Guidelines
  • May be the content seems irrelevant and completely off-topic
  • We have published similar topic or content much before

Follow the above mentioned points to share your content to our platform in case you think us as a reliable platform for displaying your talent. Hey, we would love to listen from you. Write us at hello@cryptocurrencyanalyst.com or https://www.facebook.com/Crypto-Casa-164741277687925#

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