Top Yield Farms on Fantom (FTM) Network

Top Yield Farms on Fantom

Fantom is a decentralized network made on an aBFT harmony mechanism. The network transactions are confirmed in 1 second, and they cost a part of the cent. It’s one of several blockchains built to give an alternative to ETH. Here is the list of the top yield farms on Fantom, where you can supply tokens to generate revenues on your crypto asset:


The similar Curve you know and love on many other protocols, this time with a few great APRs – around 18 percent for the DAI plus USDC 2pool. This APR is relatively powerful for Stable Coin pairs in general but is also strong than Curve yields on many protocols (Polygon or ETH).


Spooky currently secures 51 million Dollars in TVL, and gives several high yields pools and staking options for assets including ETH, FTM, and their native token BOO. Spooky is also famous for its focus on community and making artwork that can be minted as NFTs.

Spirit Swap

Spirit Swap is presently the 2ndAMM in FANTOM, with a TVL of 25 million USD. On average rate, the APRs are not as high as Spooky, but this’d forever change so it is worth keeping an eye out on Spirit Swap. Particularly, since the team has some amazing points on their roadmap and has completed well with what they’ve built so far.


I am putting Tomb. Finance is on my list of top yield farms on FTM because of how fine the yields have been because of the innovation behind the project. It is vital to remember that Tomb Finance is higher risk, and it is unknown how lengthy the yields will last. There’s a bit of learning turn in understanding the Tomb. The platform uses 3 tokens and it’s worth understating stable coin design as well. There’re 2 types of farms currently, either staking LP or by directly taking $TSHARE.

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