Platforms That Pay Interest on BTC

Top 5 Platforms That Pay Interest on BTC

Today, we’ve a bundle of platforms that provide different ways to earn digital assets. One of the most well-known forms of earning BTC is through interests. Though Crypto currency lending platforms are remaining in their early phases, they have given birth to several measuring metrics, including good interest rates.

Remember that these platforms are relatively new in the field and still have to prove themselves, it is not wise to assign your complete profile to a single platform, it is better to spread the risks and just invest a small amount of your portfolio into BTC landing.

This plan has the solid potential of encouraging consumers to adopt digital currency and move their capital from storage to the marketplaces. That said who provides the best btc interest rate in the market and how do you earn interest on crypto? Well, this blog will help you decide on the right platform for you.

It’s a platform that provides many different payment services. The great part is that the user interface is very easy, that even a newbie can easily understand what’s happening. Using a site lending platform, you can earn interest by staking your coins. What is more, this application approves every user from all around the world; except citizens in Hong Kong, Malta, and Switzerland. Usually, the website will hold your funds for 1-3 months, and you’ll get interest for that. More importantly, you can also stake your BITCOIN on this platform.


This is a well-known crypto banking platform. That is all thanks to their wonderful features and simple-to-use interface. BLOCKFI Company is based in NYC, and this platform provides 2 primary digital asset banking solutions: Crypto loans and Crypto interests. On this platform, an investor can open an interest account and earn up to 8.6 percent each annum of their investment via interests offered by the BLOCKFI. Without any doubt, it’s one of the most trusted BTC interest companies in the world.


It is an exchange that provides crypto lending services. The company has crypto-saving accounts that you can utilize to get interest on BTC. BINANCE is famous as one of the leading digital money exchanges. Therefore, it is the perfect place to lend your digital assets. With the BINANCE, earn features, you can earn high interests in your crypto assets by lending them out to other traders, and in turn, trader margin will provide your interest are for borrowing your funds.


It was founded in 2017 by NEXO capital to provide many financial services. Not only does it provide P2P contracts, but also it has crypto interests and collateralized loans. NEXO services over two million users. What is more, the platform also supports 40 plus fiat assets. On NEXO, you can earn good interest from various crypto assets, including BTC. All you need to do is move your assets to the NEXO, and you will earn passive revenue. It is also licensed by European and regulated financial institutions. That means your assets are in completely safe hands. To this very day, it has over 1 million clients globally.

Celsius Network

Another company that is worth your time is Celsius Network. This application is unique, that is because it allows you to earn interest on your crypto funds while at the same time you borrow using your funds as collateral. On this network, you can earn up to 6.2 percent interest each year for BTC. Every digital currency has a different rate. Though, if you would like to make more, all you’ve to do is to join their platinum level. All you’ve to do is to purchase into their coin. CEL coin, and use it to earn high interest.


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