The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) tricks to get more out of your investment

Initial Coin Offering (ICO): In this post, we will talk about Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and how you can make the most out of it. This article will be about acquiring more tokens with the same amount of money you are investing. We will see how we can make use of the referral and the signup bonuses to acquire more tokens. 

Most of the ICO have few things in common- the low token prices, the early signup bonuses and the referral bonus. The earlier we sign up and buy the tokens, the lower the prices are. For example, when NAGA ICO was running, I acquired the NAGA tokens in the first level ICO, when the tokens were a dollar each. A few days later, the price of the tokens increased and had I not invested earlier, I would have less number of tokens than what I bought earlier. Knowing when an ICO is being held is essential as you have the chances of buying tokens at the lowest prices possible.

Next comes the sign-up bonuses. I can not say all, but most of the ICOs give you extra tokens when you sign-up early. ICOs tend to have schemes like “15% bonus tokens during the first ICO phase” or something similar. You can put your knowledge of ICOs in good use. With the 15% bonus, you are already getting 15% more tokens without doing anything. As ICOs run longer, these bonuses fade up and in the final stages, they only provide you with the number of tokens you buy. So, the earlier you start, the more you acquire.

Finally, there’s Referrals- one of the most exciting things, not just in ICO but everywhere. We have always loved referrals and a lot of us have tried the 5% referral commission on Amazon and  e-commerce platforms. The way referrals work in ICOs is the same as it worked in Amazon and elsewhere – for every costumer you persuade, you get a certain percentage of what they bough as a commission. The referral programs exist because it increases the number of people their products go to, and when it is your original product, the more number of people you reach to, the more you earn. ICOs have huge referral programs because they want more number of people investing and knowing about their token. This is big for them as the higher the number of investors, the higher the trade will become when it reaches a trading platform. This will increase their token value, thus increasing its price. ICO generally have a certain percentage of initially issued tokens kept for the referral programs.

A 30% referral is a huge percentage. If you are able to refer someone, you get 30% of whatever they buy of. But for that, you need to have someone to refer to. What if you do not find anyone to refer to? You can not let the 30% go in vain. How about referring to yourself? Yes, referring to yourself!

What you can do is what I call cross-referring. First, you create an account and generate a referral link from there. Now you use the referral link from the first account and create another account. Now what is you do is buy tokens from the second account. This way, you will receive the tokens you are supposed to receive in the second account and you will receive the 30% referral bonus token on the first account. When all the purchases finish and the ICO ends, and the token goes for trading, you can have tokens from both of your account transferred to one account in the trading platform. This way, you will be able to make use of the 30% referral bonus even if you do not have any other friends who are interested in the ICO. If you’ve got your friends involves, it’s even better. You will receive 30% on each of their purchases.

Since we have learnt a great deal about ICOs today, why not make good use of it?

Disclaimer: I am not a financial/ crypto advisor. I am just a guy who believes that Cryptocurrencies are going to see bigger heights in days to come , and are worth invest in. So, do your research before investing in those cryptocurrencies. Plus, the links above have my affiliate links associated, so, whenever you signup and buy Cryptocurrency through those links, I will get a small portion of your investment because I made you sign up. Plus, the small portion I receive will not be cut from your account. You have nothing to worry about, except for the risk that you put in Cryptocurrency.

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