Secure Pad $SEPA another go-to launchpad for new projects

Secure Pad aims to be the go-to launchpad for new projects, pairing Founders with other skilled industry participants in the crypto space. Founders can fill the missing roles that will take their vision from idea to finished product. Secure Pad will be a network connecting Founders to developers, auditors, designers, marketers, advisors, or any other role a project may need to complete their team, and on the path to success. A one-stop shop that helps projects plan, hold pre-sale fundraises, lock liquidity, and launch securely.

Sepa liquidity is locked by Unicrypt

The liquidity that is locked is huge and won’t be touched for 6 months. It’s almost 40% of our MC that amount we hold and that’s nuts. If we look at cards, we’re like 1/5th of their MC but our liquidity is almost half their size. That says something.. super super bullish. Cards being the first cardano lauchpad, yet somehow our liquidity is just that much fucking stronger.

Sepa got audited by solidity finance

Meaning an actual auditing firm checked the contract for exploits and confirmed that everything seemed gucci. Genuinely wholeheartedly safu. Having an actual firm audit sometimes means that team paid actual money for this, and it gives them more legitimacy. This was pre whitelist.

Team tokens

Team tokens are vested and won’t be touched or sold for at least awhile and once they are available, they will be released monthly at a slow rate. The contract code shows that, and it’s super lovely.

Insurance funds

Utilizing the tokenomics of the insurance funds, we can see that the circulating supply is largely deflationary, and that huge liquidity gets bigger and bigger each time with new sells. The good thing is this fund started at 0 meaning! The supply grows in a sustainable way and the team can’t do anything malicious with it.

IDOs like CARDS adequately take about 2 weeks to ramp up hard. They all start in very similar ways to how SEPA has. Pump, dip, accumulate, pump hard. The question is whether or not SEPA will be solid enough to receive that level of love.

Team is blocking the wallet of the person who tried to manipulate the lps. They are also working hard with marketing so much so that big youtubers like Alex Becker found SEPA organically and shilled it to his own folks subtly without being paid. They also have connections with a lot of folks which is the reason why cryptowendy was on board anyways.

So what does this mean? Once SEPA starts to pump, big names will talk about it and be like see? I told you guys it would pump. Encouraging more people to buy into said pump cause that’s how crypto works. Is a scummy, mayhaps, but it does happen and it’s basic human psyche. Most people love sharing that they found something special. It makes them feel like they were a part of it from the start.

Lastly, marketing ramps up next week I believe and IDO tier allocations are released soon. Every solid launchpad pumped hard with Tier allocation news.

$SEPA Trading is Live on Uniswap

Set Slippage to minimum 5% on Uniswap sells.
(4% tax, 3% Locked Uniswap Liquidity/
1% Reserve & Repay Fund)

$SEPA Price Discussion Channel

$SEPA Announcement Channel

Dextools ??

Uniswap ??

$SEPA Token contract address??

Liquidity locked with Unicrypt??



Audited by Solidity Finance

Max Supply
350,000 $SEPA

Unlocked Circulating Supply at Launch
138,591.5 $SEPA

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