Titano Launches Gaming Platform For Crypto Enthusiasts

What is Titano?

Titano, the world’s leading provider of blockchain-based gaming platforms, has announced the launch of its new platform for crypto enthusiasts. The platform, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, will allow users to play games and earn rewards in Titano’s native cryptocurrency, $TITANO. The Binance Smart Chain project has seen a lot of … Read more

Experimental Finance Token (EXFI): A New Way To Invest In Flare Finance

What is EXFI songbird?,

Flare Finance is excited to announce the launch of our new Experimental Finance Token (EXFI)! EXFI is a way for investors to get involved in the early stages of our development and to help shape the future of Flare Finance. By investing in EXFI, you will have the opportunity to: – Gain early access to … Read more

What is a managed blockchain service?

A managed blockchain service offers businesses a way to manage and use blockchain technology without having to build or maintain the underlying infrastructure. MBS providers typically offer a suite of services that allow companies to identify and track assets, conduct transactions, and manage risks associated with blockchain technology. A managed blockchain service is a type … Read more

5 Key Strategies To Use For Cryptocurrency SEO: What All Crypto Entrepreneurs Should Know.

5 Key Strategies To Use For Cryptocurrency SEO

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, it’s important to know what your strategy should be for competing with other companies. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where you want to focus. Learn more about the 5 key strategies that will help to optimize your website and increase. What Does SEO Mean? SEO … Read more

How Blockchain Will Ease Financial Risk In The Creative Industry.

How Blockchain Will Ease Financial Risk In The Creative Industry.

The creative industry is a sector that has been hit hard by financial risks over the last few years. The introduction of cryptocurrency in the market has led to a massive influx of investors, but this has also created a lot of new risk. Check out how blockchain will ease these types of risks in … Read more

The Rise of Cryptocurrency and Growing Popularity Of Crypto ATMs


With hundreds of pilot and commercial projects currently being run by world institutions and top private companies, the Crypto industry has progressed from whitepapers to real-life applications. The venture capital industry has spent a record USD 25 billion into crypto investments as of 2021, surpassing the total amount raised in all previous years combined. According … Read more

How to accept cryptocurrency payments

How to accept cryptocurrency payments

The diversification of retail payment instruments places commercial businesses and their respective treasuries in the condition of having to define an acceptance strategy for innovative payment systems, including those based on cryptocurrencies. What methods of online and point-of-sale collection are envisaged and what attention should be paid when choosing payment service providers? The sector of … Read more

Cash Tab Wallet Moves to New URL: Last News 2022

The Bitcoin ABC team through the official eCash Twitter account announced last week that CashTab web wallet is moving to a better URL. Where until now the signature user friendly eCash web wallet was located on the Cashtabapp com domain, it now can be found on the eCashtab.org domain. Right now you can find the … Read more

Buying a house with Bitcoins, what the rules say

Buying a house with Bitcoins

Buying a house with Bitcoins: In Italy, the transfer of a real estate to cryptocurrency is to be qualified as a sale and not as an exchange. The Civil Code states that the debt arising from a sale generates a debt in currency and based on art. 1277 of the Italian Civil Code debts defined … Read more