Introducing Guildfi – the project leveling up your metaverse journey

GameFi sector emerged with a massive number of projects in the field. Game guilds started to form although they are still in very low numbers compared to gaming projects that revolve around the blockchain circle. GuildFi, a new potential star, is taking guilds to the next level by serving as an infrastructure to onboard, connect, and add value to Players, Guilds, Games, and Investors alike.

A closer look at GuildFi

GuildFi is a Web3 platform for connecting games, NFTs, guilds, and communities. It helps gamers overcome their discovery and access issues while also improving their performance and maximizing their rewards. Players’ achievements and participation are no longer rejected or confined to certain guilds or games, but instead contribute to their overall rankings and incentives.

For this new gaming age, gaming guilds have shown to be an efficient onboarding mechanism. GuildFi aims to link the jigsaw puzzles of gaming communities with the metaverse. GuildFi does this by advancing guilds to the next level. This is accomplished by acting as a platform for onboarding, connecting, and adding value to Players, Guilds, Games, and Investors. To create a networked ecosystem in which people’ time and efforts may be shared across the metaverse.

GuildFi Ecosystem

The new game paradigm is still in its early stages. In the future, the GuildFi ecosystem will contain a slew of new features. For now, the platform consists of:

  • GuildFi ID: GuildFi ID is your Metaverse ID, which includes a leveling system that records players’ achievements and footprint across the metaverse. Players earn engagement points and rank, which are then converted into the benefits they are due.
  • Game Discovery: GuildFi assists players in discovering curated games and game designers in identifying the ideal player base for their game launch.
  • Proof-of-Play Rewards: GuildFi enables play-to-earn on any game by analyzing your lifetime actions and rewarding you with the appropriate rewards, such as an allocation to the NFT campaign or a bonus yield from our tokens.
  • Metadrop Launchpad: the project has a specific NFT & token contract with one of our partners, with an allotment according on the players’ rankings. It’s the first time you’ve ever been able to match the appropriate resource with the right people.
  • GameFi Tools: GuildFi boosts players’ success by giving gaming tools, such as our Axie Infinity toolkit’s scholarship administration, daily SLP sharing, PvP simulation, team status, and card explorer.
  • Scholarship Portal: The platform has a built-in scholarship program that aggregates cash from our treasury, partners’ guilds, and related NFT funds, lowering the entrance barrier to play-to-earn games and allowing gamers from all over the world to participate.


Final thought

GuildFi is a project with a similar operating model to Yield Guilds Games, in which GuildFi buys NFTs and handovers them to gamers, then divides the profits according to the appropriate ratio between the parties. The model is not new but there is still not much competition and is a very potential one. However, as always, remember to do your own research and be careful with your money, and all the best with the investing journey!




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