All You Need to Know About Crypto Fear & Greed Calculator

The cryptocurrency fear and greed index is a technique for gauging cryptocurrency market sentiment. It is based on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 denoting the most extreme fear and 100 denoting the most extreme greed. The index can be tracked using a variety of different calculators.

The most effective cryptocurrency fear and greed calculators are precise, dependable, and straightforward. This guide will discuss the most well-known cryptocurrency fear and greed calculators.

Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Calculator

The cryptocurrency fear and greed index might be a helpful tool for traders and investors. You can use it to determine when the market is overbought or oversold and understand how it generally performs. The index is just one instrument. Therefore, it’s crucial to remember that you should rely on something other than it when making investing selections.

The following are some of the variables utilized in the calculation of the cryptocurrency fear and greed index:

Volatility measures how much a cryptocurrency’s price has changed over the last few days. When volatility is high, the market is feared; when it is low, it means the market is greedy.

Market momentum is a metric for tracking a cryptocurrency’s price trajectory. A market’s momentum tells us if it’s fearful or greedy. A positive momentum shows greed.

Trading volume is a metric for gauging how much trading there is currently going on in a particular asset.

Let’s discuss the best cryptocurrency fear and greed index calculators for traders or investors.

PlasBit is a relatively novel option for dealing with cryptocurrencies. They are constructing a blockchain-based payment solutions infrastructure to revolutionize how institutions and individuals handle cryptocurrency transactions and storage.

The market sentiment toward cryptocurrencies at any given time can be gauged with the help of the PlasBit Crypto Fear and Greed Calculator. The indicator is calculated using several factors, including volatility in the market, social media views, and trading volume.

PlasBit’s Crypto calculator uses accurate, up-to-date conversion rates to precisely determine how much your Crypto is worth in any of the supported foreign currencies.

What sets it apart from other tools?

PlasBit has valuable tools for keeping tabs on the cryptocurrency market. It’s been operating for quite some time and has a vast user base.

PlasBit has very accurate pricing data. It has been gathered from numerous credible conversations and other resources.

PlasBit’s versatility stems from its many useful features. Price, market value, trading volume, and other cryptocurrency metrics may be monitored.

PlasBit has a very intuitive interface. It’s a breeze to go about and utilize.

PlasBit is continually updated with new data and functions. It ensures that the most recent information on the Bitcoin market is always available to investors and traders.

The website offers bitcoin investors and traders resources and knowledge. The Crypto Fear and Greed Index, a gauge of market sentiment towards cryptocurrencies, is the most often used tool on the website.

The Crypto Fear and Greed Index determines how the market feels about cryptocurrencies at any particular moment. The volatility, social media sentiment, and trade volume are just a few variables considered while calculating the index.

The index is then scored between 0 and 100, where 100 corresponds to excessive greed and 0 to extreme fear, respectively.

● The index is updated every 24 hours, making it a rapid market sentiment indicator.

● The index is simple to interpret and understand. The four categories (severe fear, fear, greed, and extreme greed) make it apparent how investors feel about the market.


● The index isn’t always up to date. Since the index’s calculating components are not constantly updated in real-time, the index may not reflect the current market mood exactly.

● Not always relevant. Since the index only considers the cryptocurrency market as a whole, it might not apply to specific cryptocurrencies.

● The index is not a forecast of future prices but merely a measure of market mood. As a result, the index cannot be used to predict whether prices will increase or decrease.


The fear and greed index from IntoTheBlock is a tool used to assess market sentiment towards cryptocurrencies by examining on-chain data. The index is determined by considering several variables, such as Fundamental, the number of active addresses, the quantity of Bitcoin held by long-term investors, and the quantity of Bitcoin held by exchanges.

Active addresses: This metric quantifies how many addresses are currently used on the Bitcoin network. Many active addresses suggest much activity on the network, which may signal that the market is bullish.

Long-term holders: This metric assesses the volume of Bitcoin held by long-term investors. It may indicate a bullish attitude if long-term investors are more patient and less inclined to sell their Bitcoin shortly.

Exchange balances: This variable represents the quantity of Bitcoin exchanges held.

Fundamentals: The number of Bitcoin-related patents and the number of Bitcoin ATMs are two examples of the fundamentals of the cryptocurrency sector that are measured by this metric.

What sets it apart from other tools?

Wide range of information: IntoTheBlock provides information on various cryptocurrencies. Traders and investors may examine the cryptocurrency market rather than just one coin.

Regular updates: new information and features are regularly added to IntoTheBlock. It guarantees that investors and traders can access the most recent data regarding the Bitcoin market.


● Compared to other fear and greed measures, the index is updated hourly, making it a more accurate gauge of market emotion.


● Since the index solely uses data from Bitcoin, it might not apply to other cryptocurrencies.


By examining many variables, such as volatility, social media mood, and technical analysis, Messari’s fear and greed index tool assesses market sentiment towards cryptocurrencies.

The technical analysis evaluates the cryptocurrency market’s technical indicators. A bullish technical arrangement may indicate positive sentiment, while a bearish technical setup may indicate bearish sentiment.

What sets it apart from other tools?

Provide Access to on-chain data: Access to several cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, is made possible through Messari. The performance of cryptocurrencies can be monitored using this data, and market trends can be found.

Market research: Messari offers reports on various subjects, including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and blockchain technology. These reports provide insights into the most recent developments in the market, which can assist investors in staying current.

Community: Messari features a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who may talk about the most recent events and trends in the sector. Investors who want to remain current on the newest developments in the cryptocurrency business might benefit significantly from this group.


● Compared to other fear and greed measures, the index is updated daily, making it a more accurate gauge of market emotion.


● The index is not a perfect predictor of market sentiment. Thus it shouldn’t be relied upon exclusively when choosing an investment.

● Since the indicator is based on historical data, its ability to forecast future market moves may be limited


The Sentiment is a data analytics platform and market intelligence tool for cryptocurrencies that offers metrics and insights to assist traders and investors in making wise decisions. The Fear and Greed Index, one of Sentiment’s standout features, is intended to measure market sentiment and offer a glimpse of investor opinion on cryptocurrency.

Sentiment evaluates a wide range of data, including sentiment on social media, trading volume, market volatility, price momentum, and other market indicators.

What sets it apart from other tools?

Data: Santiment contains a sizable collection of information on cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives. This information comes from various sources, including news, social media, and on-chain data.

Tools: Santiment provides various tools to assist investors in following the cryptocurrency market and making wise choices. Some techniques include sentiment analysis, social activity tracking, developer activity tracking, and on-chain analysis.


● Because it is updated daily, the index provides a more accurate picture of market sentiment than other fear and greed indices.

● It is free to use.


● The index may not be as trustworthy as some other fear and greed indices because it is based on Sentiments and private data instead of more dependable data from established sources.

Final words

So, there you have it. These are some of the latest and best Crypto Fear and Greed calculators and what you need to understand to use them. Each crypto fear and greed calculator has pros and cons; you can check them and see which suits your interests. The best thing about PlasBit is that it has widgets for different crypto needs, like a crypto tax calculator, crypto profit calculator, etc.

So, you can download these widgets and use them anywhere on your web—no need to go to different web pages and calculate your crypto gains and losses.

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