Introducing Guildfi – the project leveling up your metaverse journey

GameFi sector emerged with a massive number of projects in the field. Game guilds started to form although they are still in very low numbers compared to gaming projects that revolve around the blockchain circle. GuildFi, a new potential star, is taking guilds to the next level by serving as an infrastructure to onboard, connect, and add value to Players, Guilds, Games, and Investors alike.

Calo Metaverse – Elevating your health and wellness experience with blockchain technology

Gaming has been the hottest topic in the crypto circle with numerous projects belonging to this category.

Introducing The Parallel, an Infinite Metaverse for everyone

Introducing The Parallel, an Infinite Metaverse for everyone

Blockchain Technology and NFTs have changed the gaming industry and foster a culture in which game assets are transformed into real-world assets. This fuels a thriving player-driven economy and marketplace. As gaming projects emerge, ones with poor quality can’t compete and stay in the long run. The market started to demand for something more. The … Read more