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Gaming has been the hottest topic in the crypto circle with numerous projects belonging to this category. However, there are many other essential areas that worth more attention, which are, in this case, health-related apps. Calo, as its name sounds, is a global health & fitness app that promotes users to workout and burn their calories.

About the project

Calo app is a blockchain-based app that encourages its users to engage in physical activities. This app is a challenge-planning platform for organizations and brands. By utilizing the energy created by their fitness activities, participants may earn CALO Tokens and NFT rewards. This, in some way, resembles the “Play to Earn” model but in a healthier way. The trend of P2E has been so trending as it gives users the sense of achievement in financial value, and with Calo, it’s also the case. However, instead of prolonged sitting and causing potential spinal damage, users can earn when doing what the human body is designed for: moving.

CALO’s goal is to provide a space for those who want to earn a steady income while also investing in their health and fitness as stated in their slogan – Burn to Earn. Designed with a unique, addictive, gamefi-ed Metaverse, CALO seeks to overcome the universal problem of being uninspired to work out on a regular basis.

How does Calo app work?

When joining, users set their own profile and then start their fitness journey. Setting and getting started with Calo app is surprisingly effortless as it works with other fitness apps such as Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, Samsung Gear. Calo connects APIs and uses the user’s health and movement profile as the basis to reward users with Calo Tokens and NFTs.

However, if Calo just stops there, then where’s the exciting part? This app does not only track its users progress and rewards them but also promotes challenges and multiple users mode where one can enjoy the run with their besties. Additionally, if users find their normal routes gradually less engaging, they can opt to change to VR and experience running through the wildest route like the Sahara Desert. Funny scenarios are there to choose in VR, like running from an angry dinosaur. These functions are expected to help users escape from their reality and dismiss all the stress of work away, even just for a short while.

With the tokens and diverse in-app assets, Calo also offers a marketplace for users to do all the trading there. Users can enhance their fitness experience with lovely NFT avatars and cool collectibles purchased from this marketplace. Since users’ experience is put first, Calo App focuses on developing solutions that provide app users with “entertainment experiences to earn” while exercising, which in the past has frequently resulted in boredom and demotivation.


The project has a duel token model: Fat token & Calo token

CALO Token is a limited-supply blockchain-based platform crypto currency. The Calo ecosystem’s primary currency is the CALO Token, which can be used on these purposes:

  • CALO token holders will have the ability to stake their tokens and vote on governance issues.
  • Brands can use CALO Token to create a challenge for users. Users will also be rewarded after finishing a task.
  • Users will be able to stake it to gain benefit.
  • This token may be used to accept a challenge or enter a competition, as well as to perform any transactions on Market Place.

Fat Token is a crypto currency with limitless supply and is generated by syncing activity data with the Calo App. When you report an activity, it implies you burned calories. The more fat tokens you acquire, the more calories you burn.

Tokenomics of the project is designed as following:

Final Thought

Fitness apps in the blockchain field is definitely a potential category that deserves more attention. Health has always been an important factor of life, and Calo is the Burn to Earn project that is worth a try. The project launch day is coming close, and you can find all the latest updates from this project in the links below. As always, remember to do your own research, be responsible for your funding decision, and all the best with the investing journey!

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