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Digital currencies have proven to be modern technology to be made in a while. From settling remittances and making payments to serving as a hedge for investment or helping to move assets over a safe and secure and fully anonymous network, there are various uses of crypto money and all of them continued to get made almost as the days go by.
So fat, BTC itself has become the famous and well-known virtual asset by far. The top currency is the dream of everybody looking to slip forms the control of the conventional financial and monetary system, and it has widely gained mainstream adoption very much faster than anybody could have guessed.
BTC is not perfect
Though, for all the advantages that BTC provides, it continues to pose many threats. There’re those who’ve continued to hammer on BTC’s anonymous seed, pointing to the fact that the money is being used as a means for cheaters to launder assets and hide their ill-gotten wealth.
Some also contend with BTC having no worth, though, this discussion is being put to death by the day, thanks to the entry of several parties into the BCT space and huge development being given to the asset, now it has become clear that there is a lot of worth that the asset can give to investors.
Mining in Focus
Regardless, the entire of these arguments and several more could simply be spun and rebuffed. One of the most significant options by any standards, for now, is its mining process. Mining is the way that many crypto currencies are developed. It involves people verifying trades and getting rewarded for the work they put in.
Every crypto that’s being mined has a specific reward structure that governs how many digital assets will be given to crypto miners, including BTC. Presently, the best digital currency gives miners 12.5 BITCOIN for their validation job, though a halving is coming that’ll see things cut to 6.25 BITCOIN.
It is worth noting that mining is a lot more complicated than this. Though, the issue that many tend to have is with the sort of mining that BTC employs – POW. This firm of mining is utilized by digital currencies like BTC, LTC, DASH, and many more and there’re some issues that have been verified with it – particularly in relation itself.
Energy Consumption
The primary issue that BTC mining has is the fact that it’s consuming huge energy. Estimates suggest that crypto mining processes are consuming as much electricity as the full nation of Denmark. While the numbers are not causing a worldwide epidemic, it is clear that this a slight of a problem none the less. The issue with mining as regards electricity is the fact that BTC mining uses power consuming rigs 24hrs, the consumption levels are staggering.
Currently, a lot of mining processes are done by a large, factory sort process. Many GOVTs have looked to boost investment by making some special zones of electricity quotes for miners, but even they know that a mark will come when they would not be capable to keep up with the demand.
Increasing Centralization
Then, there are the issues of growing centralization, instead of running their personal mining individually, many miners have chosen to band together from crypto mining pools. These have to power to control the full BTC network therefore rendering individuals miners not able to compete.
To solve all these, BITCOIN Ultimate enter in the market and changed the game impressively.
BITCOIN Ultimate (BTCU) Enter in Market to Change the Whole game
Many top names in the market have spoken out against these problems, but only a couple can actually proffer lasting and perfect solutions. One of such is BTCU (BITCOIN Ultimate).
BTCU or BITCOIN Ultimate is a new decentralized digital currency that’ll bring several features and advantages along the way. The idea is to have better BTC and make Satoshi’s real vision into reality.
BTC supreme figures will be able to mine, stake, and rapidly move the BITCOIN Ultimate to anybody, anyplace in the globe at an extremely low price. Once you are done, all members of community will also be capable to utilize their BITCOIN Ultimate for treading charges and new digital coins listing.
BTCU was co-founded by Nikolai UDIANSKYI, as well as members from digital exchange Coins Bit and Block Chain firm Profit.
It’s a hard fork of BTC and it operates like BTC’s biggest competitor – ETH.
To help solve the issue of mining and its extreme effects, BITCOIN Ultimate and its block-chain will be running on LPOS (L-Proof of Stake) mining algorithm, joint with POA, both will be utilized for crypto mining need twenty validators.
To make sure that centralization is prevented, half of them will be chosen by the development group, while the community will examine verify of another half.
The BITCOIN Ultimate will also bring a big change to the POA algorithms as trade validators will be capable to change and will also be selected by COR-Coin holders. By permitting deal confirmation to be done by POA, developers will be capable to realize the block throughout at the 200 trades each second level.
Though, the block is still able to scale up to one thousand trades each second. The BITCOIN Ultimate block-chain also makes use of smart agreements which will save consumers from the need to get some intermediaries or other techniques to protect themselves and their trades.

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