AirWire Community Update 2.14.19

AirWire Community Update 2.14.19    As with most businesses, we need to update and upgrade our software and wallets to maintain our market edge. In order to stay at the top of our game, we have updated our wallet and masternode wallets to version 1.4. This update includes a fix to the “fake stake” issue, some aesthetic adjustments to the wallet itself, and some minor bug fixes including the “zero” reward bug. This has been released as a mandatory update for everyone to ensure that all wallets will be on the correct chain and receive the correct rewards.

Looking back, the company received a setback at the start of the year when Co-Founder, David Hunter, resigned due to medical reasons. This untimely departure was unfortunate as the company was ramping up operations considerably and had to circle back to shore up the company structure.
AirWire saw this as an opportunity to promote internally as well as bring on key individuals from the outside. Shawn Stone has moved into the Community Director position where he can be the connection between AirWire and our community. Shawn has been with AirWIre from the beginning and has made great contributions to the company; possessing intricate knowledge of our internal business operations. Ronan McFeely, the Co-Founder of Kryptonium, will be working with Justin Day and our sales team to generate new revenue and business partners. Eric Dauphin, a long time supporter of AirWire, is now our Operations Manager. He runs a successful crypto business outside of AirWire, and his skill sets will be put to good use inside our company. Jimmy Wilson and Imran Haq are taking on bigger roles inside the sales team as we see significant demand from coins inquiring about partnership information. Let’s not forget the rest of the Kryptonium team as they have been getting comfortable in their new roles, bringing immediate value to the project. Lastly, I would like to personally thank all current team members. Your extra effort and hard work during this successful transition exemplifies what a tremendous team we have at AirWire.
There are many upgrades on the platform that will be released in the coming days. Our Airdrop portal has been completely overhauled for a more fluid look with enhanced functionality. The WIRE wallet will showcase a sleek, polished, and appealing design as we move non-essential features into their own pages. For instance, withdraws, deposits, and transactions will be organized in an exchange-style layout on a separate page from our core applications. The contacts page has been completely revamped. Another long awaited feature that will be introduced is the Referral portal. In addition to all of this, we wanted to include a nice surprise to the community. An iOS and Android WIRE wallet is being developed and will be available for download in the coming weeks!

We are nowhere close to being done on the development side. Many more features are in the pipeline for spring and summer releases. A few highlights will be the Advertising portal and additional functionality inside the Bounty portal. We are expanding the auto-verification features companies can utilize inside our platform to grow their community.
More information on both will be laid out in detail in our next update. There is also a need to extend our reach of locations users can purchase WIRE tokens. This is a priority and information will be released to the community very soon.

Many new coin partnerships have been formed recently. Many more partnerships that we have secured months ago are finally maturing enough in their own business model to satisfy our listing requirements. The AirWire community will see a flurry of announcements in this regard over the coming days and weeks ahead. Ormeus has been the latest to be announced. This deal was a huge event for Airwire in terms of our platform and WIRE token. Beyond a basic coin partnership, Ormeus has entrusted us to facilitate a full token swap of their current ORME token to a new ORME token. This involves their entire community and showcases the power and potential for additional use cases in terms of AirWire’s platform and technology.
Speaking of the new Airdrop UI that is being released, we wanted to kick off the updated version with a brand new WIRE airdrop. Keep your eyes on our social media channels for an official date. Once we execute the WIRE airdrop, we will be opening up the feature for all our partners to create and execute their own airdrops on the AirWire platform. Our partners have been patiently waiting for us to give the green light to start using this feature. It’s a win-win scenario where users get to accumulate tokens directly on our platform and companies have an enclosed setting to educate our users on their business model and tokenomics.

The Kryptonium acquisition had been delayed due to a Co-Founder stepping down and a few delays on the development side. That has all been remedied and we are ready to execute the token swap of Kryptonium to WIRE and finalize the merger. The delay was partially caused by our decision to spend a bit more time and truly make this an enjoyable experience for the Kryptonium community to swap over to AirWire. To achieve this, we have integrated KRYP onto AirWire. All that is left to do for the Kryptonium community is to register on AirWire’s platform and deposit their KRYP tokens into their account. Our platform will automatically deploy the proper amount of WIRE tokens into the accounts. There are many companies following the ORME and KRYP swap that AirWire is executing on our platform. Once they see how easily we are able to execute these intricate and burdensome processes, more of these type of business transactions will be requested by the crypto community.
From the start of our token sale we have weathered the storm of a continuous declining market. This has thrown many obstacles in our company’s path, but we have continued to push forward in every calculable business aspect. I hope it is obvious from these announcements that we are hitting our stride and ready to take the stage as one of the few blockchain projects who have real utility and use-cases in and outside of cryptocurrency. Regardless of overall market, we have positioned ourselves to break free from the general trend and force the community to judge us on our own merits. With a compelling business model, demand-creating tokenomics, and unrivaled technology, AirWire will surely step into the spotlight in 2019!

Thank you,

Ken DiCross Co-Founder AirWire

PS. Look for AirWire to be highlighted in a few Forbes articles in the coming months

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